Episode 03: Raiders of the Lost (to follow up) Patient


James Mason is one of those folks who has seen, done, and touched a whole bunch of different things, done them well, and then figured out how to integrate the pieces into something even bigger. In October 2017 as a QIN/QIO consultant he led a CMS Special Innovation Project (SIP) for “Community Paramedicine, or simply “CP in WV”. and ever since has been involved in some capacity.

Brian Broome

Brian and I talked about his experience as a patient and examined some of that through his lens as a writer and storyteller – those critical skills of listening to other people’s stories and really hearing what they have to say. He wrote an article for the Guardian diving into the opioid crisis and a lot of what that article covered is vital for #communityparamedics to understand and incorporate. After this article came out, our #MIHCP program brought him in as a speaker and that turned out to be one of the best education days we have had. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/apr/28/opioid-epidemic-selects-white-victim-black-addict

Episode 2: Brian Broome and listening without judging


Talking with author and educator Brian Broome about patient experience and how the way we listen makes all the difference.

Check out his article in The Guardian a few years ago that prompted our MIH program to bring him in as a speaker


IBSC CP-C beta test

The CP-C exam has been updated by the IBSC and is ready to beta test for validation. Passing this beta version will award the CP-C or may be used to renew if you are eligible. Limited to the first 100 to sign up at this extremely discounted rate. You also have the option of taking it online with a remote proctor or in person at a Prometrics testing center. The remote option is new and something the IBSC has committed to developing, please consider it. https://www.aurumsigna.com/CP-C-Beta-Test-2020-p206689337

Episode 00 – What is Integrated:


What is this all about?  Integrated: the Community Paramedicine podcast is all about #FOAMed #MIHCP #CommunityParamedic information and idea exchange. It’s about providing a venue for everyone involved in this subspecialty to discuss what makes them tick and why it all matters.

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