Episode 09: The Cleveland Clinic, Innovation Culture and MIH


Dr Judith Welsh, Chief Experience Officer and MIH Medical Director and Sean Lyons, Community Paramedic Supervisor and Project Manager for the Cleveland Clinic talking about what happens when one of the world’s leading healthcare innovation institutions empowers paramedics as part of a multi-disciplinary team to help address clinical and social complexity 

Author: Jonah Thompson

Lifelong adventurer, paramedic, former grunt, stethoscope and gun for hire, part-time game cop, avid reader, opinionated asshole. Whisky, tea, and bacon fueled. Mobile Integrated Health and Community Paramedicine are the main professional focus these days, check out Integrated: the Community Paramedicine Podcast We owe it to ourselves and our teammates to get this good medicine in bad places thing right. Do No Harm, Do Know Harm – MKB

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