Episode 03: Raiders of the Lost (to follow up) Patient


James Mason is one of those folks who has seen, done, and touched a whole bunch of different things, done them well, and then figured out how to integrate the pieces into something even bigger. In October 2017 as a QIN/QIO consultant he led a CMS Special Innovation Project (SIP) for “Community Paramedicine, or simply “CP in WV”. and ever since has been involved in some capacity.

Author: Jonah Thompson

Lifelong adventurer, paramedic, former grunt, stethoscope and gun for hire, part-time game cop, avid reader, opinionated asshole. Whisky, tea, and bacon fueled. Mobile Integrated Health and Community Paramedicine are the main professional focus these days, check out Integrated: the Community Paramedicine Podcast We owe it to ourselves and our teammates to get this good medicine in bad places thing right. Do No Harm, Do Know Harm – MKB

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